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Friday, 17th November 2006 Sorry I haven't updated here for a while. The truth is that Sidney Eileen of Genensims made me an offer I couldn't refuse. ;') She offered me space on her server so my new address is and (although this page will remain here for some time) all future updates will be at the new site only.

Wednesday, 8th November 2006 I've started a new project - The Sims 1 Neighbourhood, and this time I'm going to do it right. This time I'm going to post the pictures as I go along, and ask the creators of the stuff I use for permissions nice and early, so that I don't get ants in my pants and post before all the permissions are in like I did with Planet Of The Cats.

So, please go and look at Neighbourhoods and Sims 1 Neighbourhood. The terrain is from Elfstone Designs but I'm doing all the houses myself with only Sims 2 base game decor.

Tuesday, 7th November 2006 I just got a very nice letter from Sidney Eileen of Genensims granting permission to use her skins, so that's good. I won't have to grovel and appologise and take everything down now. ;')

In fact I might be doing some of her other skins for her webpage. So keep your eyes peeled. You might be able to get them in two flavours soon. Custom and Genetic.

Monday, 6th November 2006 Although some permissions are still pending the files for Planet Of The Cats have been uploaded and are ready to be accessed.

Sunday, 5th November 2006 Information on my 'Planet Of The Cats' neighbourhood uploaded. The neighbourhood itself is awaiting final permissions before it can be uploaded.

Small rearrange of webpage and update of skin download links to bring you closer to target.

Monday, 9th October 2006 Skin pages broken into five seperate pages to facilitate loading times.

Saturday, 7th October 2006 Pixie Gloom is up as well *breaths huge sigh of relief*. I was going to consider tackling some eyes next, but I think I need a rest.

Finished, yay! Well, apart from Pixie Gloom, which I just discovered sitting alone and undisplayed, voted on, geneticised or even photo'd - bad me! If I ever manage to play my game again I'll take a picture to decide where it should go and add it to the downloads.

Friday, 6th October 2006 Well, I'm up to EA 'Olive' darkness level (0.60) due to some unexpected running around today. Look back tommorrow for the rest.

Links to downloads are slowly becoming available over today. Either go directly to
The Sims 2 Workshop or find links to the download pages below each picture on the Voting Page

Saturday, 30th September 2006 The pictures are now all there for voting. With thanks to Carrigon, Kat, Jeanie, Taylor & Georg for sending me their opinions - everybody else, shame on you! ;')

Friday, 29th September 2006 Downloads have been removed in order to make more room for the voting page and pictures. Some have gone up at The Sims 2 Workshop but I may also find another place to publish them.

Wednesday, 27th September 2006 Genetic 'darkness' values for Enayla's Pixie Winter, Pixie Light, Alabaster and Pixie Gold have been changed - please re-download if you have the old file (and don't forget to delete the old one from your downloads too).

Downloads moved to a seperate page (link below "Updates / Messages").

Voting page created. I need your help to decide the final genetic values of these skins. Please look at the pictures on the voting page and let me know if you think that they are not in the correct order.

September 2006 I am creating this webpage because MTS2 refuses to believe that I have permission from Enayla to share Enayla's skins. I would have prefered not to need a webpage of my own to do this, but I would also have prefered to be treated civilly by the people at MTS2 - 0 out of 2 (in case you were wondering).