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Originally Posted by PrivateSim


I've been fiddling with some of your skins (not graphically as I have no artistic talent) but I took some of your Pixie skins and made them genetic (not default) so that they are 'paler' than the default light skin. They fit in like this:-

0.01 pixie nymph

0.03 pixie winter
0.04 alabaster
0.05 pixie orchid
0.06 pixie light
0.07 pixie glow
0.08 pixie gold

0.10 light

0.30 tan

0.60 olive

0.90 dark

So that if you bred a Sim with a pixie nymph skin with a Sim with a dark skin the children might display any of the skins in between.

I was wondering two things.

1. Would you like these altered skins back so that you might offer them to people for inclusion in their games.
2. May I offer them to some of my friends (with full agknowledgements to you, of course)

Madame Mim

Oh, that's really cool :} Of course you may share them with people. In fact, if you give me credits for the originals, feel free to upload them anywhere but on pay sites (and the exchange, the Sims Exchange just bugs me out).

I'd offer to upload them myself but I've found this is a real hassle if something goes wrong and I honestly have no clue of what to do (which is why I let other people take care of defaults, for instance).

And yes, I'd love the files, thank you